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Vodafone launches “V by Vodafone” to enter the world of Consumer IoT

I’m happy to announce the successful launch of “V by Vodafone” and being part of the team.

This is a big milestone for Vodafone, as with this launch it has entered the segment of IoT for consumers. It will enable consumers to connect millions of home leisure electronic products to the dedicated IoT network.

“V by Vodafone” is a new, simple system for consumers to connect and manage IoT devices and a product range that includes a Pet tracker, Bag location tracker, Connected car dongle and a 4G security camera.

It comprises of:-

  • A dedicated IoT “V-SIM by Vodafone” which will enable you to connect IoT-enabled consumer products sold by Vodafone.
  • “V by Vodafone” smartphone app, to provide consumers a single overview of all IoT-enabled devices.

The products V-Auto, V-Camera, V-Pet, V-Bag are currently available in Spain, Germany, Italy and UK markets.

For more details please visit us at V by Vodafone.

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